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Intimacy can be felt like a warm, understanding closeness between a husband and wife and can bring many positive attributes to a marriage. It is classed as one of the main characteristics of a happy, healthy marriage. Learning about and growing your intimacy as a couple can help to rekindle the bond and improve the togetherness of your relationship. At Intimacy Counseling of Utah, we are here to help you through the ups and downs of intimacy in a marriage.

Married life can be stressful, especially with all of the expectations society can impose upon us today. It can be hard to find time to connect with your spouse. We believe that making intimate time for one another can be the most important aspect of a marriage. At Intimacy Counseling of Utah, we are ready to lift you both up and provide helpful strategies to keep your loving flame aglow.


At Intimacy Counseling of Utah, we will work on your emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, and sexual intimacy as a married couple.

Together with your counselor, you will work towards a better intimate connection in both your sexual and marital life. We are here to help and to guide you through your journey and growth!


Intimacy counseling is a type of talk therapy that focuses on the cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects of a relationship.

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